PEA 1110/1120
Beginning SCUBA
Course Syllabus
1.1 This course in beginning SCUBA is designed to expose the student to the skills, enjoyment and equipment necessary to explore the underwater world. To experience the wonders of the undersea life using SCUBA equipment. This course will prepare the student for certification as a certified Open Water Diver.
1.2 The prerequisites for this course are the following:
a. 200 yard swim
b. 10 minute survival float.
1.3 There will be a lab fee assessed to cover the use of equipment. Each student is required to have their own mask, snorkel and fins for hygiene reasons, by the first pool session.
At the completion of this course the student will be able to:
2.1 Demonstrate proper use of the mask, snorkel and fins.
2.2 Demonstrate basic skin diving techniques.
2.3 Explain at least three factors of buoyancy
2.4 Explain the relationship between gas pressure, volume and density.
2.5 Demonstrate the proper use of the PADI Dive Planner.
2.6 Explain and list the cause of nitrogen narcosis.
2.7 Demonstrate the use of a SCUBA reulator and how to attach it to a SCUBA tank.
2.8 Demonstrate proficiency in clearing a mask, snorkel and regulator while in the water.
2.9 Decribe and demonstrate positive, neutral and negative buoyancy.
2.10 Demonstrate the proper use of a weight belt.
2.11 Demonstrate a safe and successful descent and ascent.
2.12 Describe the procedures necessary for planning a safe dive.
2.13 Demonstrate proper procedure for handling a diving accident.
The following topics will be covered in this course:
a. basic skin and SCUBA equipment.
b. SCUBA tanks and compressed air.
c. skills of skin and SCUBA diving.
d. environment and marine life.
e. diving and pressure.
f. medical facts and diving.
g. planning a safe SCUBA dive.
h. first aid for diving accidents.
i. requirements for skin and SCUBA diving.
4.1 Teaching methodology
a. class discussion.
b. explanation.
c. demonstration.
d. skills testing
e. written tests
5.1 Grades will be based on the following activities:
a. weekly quizzes 15%
b. major exams 35%
c. practical skills evaluation 35%
d. class discussion and written work 15%
5.2 Grading
A+ = 96 - 100%
A = 90 - 95%
B+ = 86 - 89%
B = 80 - 85%
C+ = 76 - 79%
C = 70 - 75%
D+ = 66 - 69%
D = 60 - 65%
F = 59% & below
6.1 There will be a minimum of 42 contact hours before one hour of credit is given.
6.2 Outside work will comsist of homework and reading assignments in the area of SCUBA diving.
7.1 Text : PADI Open Water Diver Manual.