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University of Nebraska at Omaha Fall Scuba Diving Course

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In Diver's
Instructor: Don Stanger
PADI Instructor #4161 MSDT
Phone: 402-677-8057
E-mail: don@scubauww.com
Web Site: www.scubauww.com
Store Location:
Scuba - Underwater World
Please Call 402-677-8057
or text
Open Water Dives:
1 year to complete the 4 required for certification. Refresher after 6 months, 12 months. Is Required
Quizzes & Final Exam
4 quizzes - 70% passing
Final Exam - 75% passing
Course Syllabus
Grade: Letter Grade
Open Water Dive fee: $175.00
All Equipment furnished. Local diving starts in April or May depending on the weather.
Lab Fee: Paid
Text Kit: $82.50 + $ 6.19 tax
Starting Time: 6:30 PM
Always starts in Classroom
Dive Trip Locations
November Dive Trip to Roatan, Honduras
Spring Dive Trip to Utila, Honduras
Class Dates & Activity
Aug 27th Introduction
Sept 3rd Swim Test
Sept 10th Class#1
Sept 17th Pool #1
Sept 24th Class #2
Oct 1st Pool #2

Oct 8th

Class #3
Oct 15th Pool #3
Oct 22nd No Class
Oct 29th Class #4
Nov 5th Pool #4
Nov 12th Class #5 & Review
Nov 19th Final
Equipment Required
You will need mask, snorkel, boots & fins. All other equipment is furnished by instructor. You may purchase this equipment at Scuba Center - Underwater World.
Wetsuit rental is $15.00 for course.
If you miss a class it must be made up prior to continuing the course. Make up fee for pool is $25.00.
      Please Note: 5 points will be deducted from your quiz if the work sheet in your text is not completed for class.