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Open Water Check List & Helpful Hints

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Thursday or Friday before your Open Water Dives
On the Thursday before, you must call 402-339-1884 sometime between 10 AM and 5 PM to set-up an appointment to be fitted. You will be fitted with a wetsuit, hood, gloves, regulor, BC and weight belt. You will take these items with you. If you haven't done so, the open water fee is paid at this time.
Saturday Morning 9:00 AM at Underwater World for Dives 1 & 2
You will meet at the rest stop on I-29 South somewhere around mile marker 35-36 (like going to KC) on Saturday morning between 8:45 with 9:00 AM departure. You will be given your tank, regulator and B.C. at that time. As a diver you must be well rested and mentally alert. You will not be permitted to dive if you are under the influence.
Things to bring:
1. All equipment checked out to you the Thursday or Friday before.
2. Ground cloth (tarp, etc) to put your equipment on to keep it out of the sand and dirt. This should be large enough for you to change on.
3. If we haven't taken a photo of you (in most cases we have) you need to remind us to do so.
4. You might want to bring a snack and for sure something to drink.
5. You should be prepared to drive at least 40 miles (one way) to the dive site and back.
6. Bring your log book, it's required.
7. We will take your tank so it can be refilled for Sunday.
8. Wash all of the equipment off. Let the wetsuit dry inside out first, since that's the side that will be next to you on Sunday. Then the outside.
Open Water
Sunday Morning 9:00 AM at Meeting site for Dives 3 & 4
We will meet at a pre-arranged place as mentioned on Saturday. We will be leaving at 9:00 AM for the dive site. In conducting the last two dives and should be done by 1:30 PM. Of course this depends on the group. After the dives, we will take all the equipment except the wetsuit items. Please rinse these items, dry them out and return them no later then Tuesday, (please call to let us know what time you be by) at that time you will receive a temporary card.
Directions to Dive Site
How to get to the dive site. This by no means short curcuits the steps above. Go South on Interstate 29 towards Kansas City. South of the Hyway 275 entrance about mile marker 35-36 is a rest stop. This is the rest stop that we meet at on Saturday after the store and on Sunday. The next exit is Hyway 34, get off and go East of 34 past Glenwood. About half way between Glenwood and Red Oak is the turn off to Malvern (right turn). Stay on this road until you reach the "T" in the road. Straight head of you will be a driveway to the Conner Farm. Stay on the dirt road, this will take you to the quarry at the bottom of a hill.