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Open Water Diver Course

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Coures Fees: $300.00 per person w/Standard Text Kit.
  $ 285.00 for the second person under same roof
Private Course Fees: $ 400.00 per person w/Standard Text Kit.
$ 380.00 for the second person under same roof.
Open Water Fee: $175.00 per person for 4 dives. *
*Special Open Fee: $195.00 per person for 4 dives. Split Weekends
We will furnish all the scuba equipment except your mask, snorkel fins and boots. In other words, what you read here is the way it is and we'll even teach you how to be an Open Water Diver.
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All student kits include your own course DVD, Text Book, Dive Tables and Log Book.
Must be 10 years old with parent in class or 12 years old for attending alone.
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Classes Held At:
Ralston H.S. Pool
Sunday Evening or
Mon & Wed Eve
OUR COURSE FORMATS - We have two formats available, a once a week course for 5 weeks (Sunday Evening at 6 PM) or a twice a week course for 2 1/2 weeks (Monday & Wednesday at 7 PM). We do not conduct a one weekend course for several reasons, but the most important one is you and your safety. If you're not comfortable you're not safe. It is just that simple. WE FURNISH ALL EQUIPMENT EXCEPT PERSONAL EQUIPMENT.
Our Open Water Scuba diving course consists of two parts:

Confined Training - Includes all instructional materials (text kit). Five 30 to 45 minute classroom sessions. Four 60 to 90 minute pool sessions. Private Course are available for individuals or groups, contact Underwater World Scuba Center for details.

What needs to be done for the first class:

For the Sunday, Monday & Wednesday class, you must complete at least the first chapter in your text book, do the work sheet at the end of the chapter, and view the first section of the DVD. Please note, the work sheet is the last page of each chapter. We highly recommended that you do more textbook work than just the one chapter. Each class meeting will cover another chapter in your text book. You will also need to prepare your mask, as described in the first chapter of your textbook. We recommended that you bring mask defogger.
Private classes: you should read through the text completely, completing the worksheets as you go.
Open Water
Helpful Hints
Things to bring to class:
Your text kit & something to write with. Swimsuit & towel, Mask, snorkel, fins & boots.
Open Water Training -Requires two days of diving in clear water of our lake. Our local dive site is excellent for lake diving with an average of 22 foot visibility, just 40 miles southeast of Omaha. We will furnish ALL equipment for you, except your basic equipment. We also offer dive trips to Roatan or Utila, Honduras when our local lake is closed. *If you divide the open water dives into two weekend or during the week, a $20.00 per student extra fee will be charged.
Underwater World also offer a "Student Referral Program". With this referral program you can take your open water training in most exotic places. At no charge!
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