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Chapter 4 Question 14 Help

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In order to work and understand the Dive Table Questions, you must first read the small grey & pink booklet that came with your student kit. There are rules you need to follow when working the tables.
Question #14 -- What is your final pressure group letter? First dive is 50 feet for 23 minutes. Surface interval of 1:30. Second dive is 35 feet for 46 minutes. Using the work sheet fill in the blanks to diagram this question. What it looks like:
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Place a 0 on the RNT blank, since there is no residual nitrogen on the first dive, Using table 1, find your group letter for that dive. Place that letter in the first circle to the left of your surface interval. Next using your first letter, enter table 2. Move across the letter line until you find your surface time brackets. Drop down to find your next group letter. Place it in the second circle. Flip the table over. Find your second letter along the top of table 3. Drop down until you hit the line that represents 35 feet. Place the RNT number in the RNT space for dive 2. Add the RNT to ABT on the work sheet. Using that TBT number and the depth, return to table 1. Drop down the 35 foot column to the TBT time. Go right to get your group letter and answer. What it looks like:
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