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Banded Butterfly Fish

              Omaha's Leader
In Diver's
Size: 3 - 5 inches with a max of 6 inches. Depth: 10 to 60 feet.
Distinctive Features: 1. Two wide, black midbody bands. Juvenile
2. Black spot ringed in white on rear dorsal fin.
Description: Silver to white. Black bar on head runs across eye; blackish border on the rear of the body, base of rear dorsal and anal fins.
Abundance & Distribution: Common to occasional for Florida, Caribbean; also noth to New Jersey, Bermuda, Gulf of Mexico and south to Brazil.
Habitat & Behavior: Flit about reef tops, usually swims in pairs.
Reaction to Divers: Tend to ignore divers, but moves away when approached. Often the best way to get in close is to wait quietly in a concealed position near their course of travel.
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